GIS the way it was meant to be.

How Napkin GIS is new and innovative:

  • Focus on user-friendliness
    Napkin GIS is built with user-friendliness in focus, ensuring expert-level usage in less than two weeks
  • In-house integration
    Napkin GIS is delivered and integrated into your site-map, with your configurations, making Napkin GIS perfectly adapted to your particular workload
  • Your data - your rules
    Due to Napkin GIS being installed under your site-map we can guarantee data-integrity and GDPR compliance, where other solutions can only promise
  • Custom features for your workload
    Napkin GIS is built being fully modular, making it easy to expand the software with custom features


Napkin GIS can be delivered and installed into your site-map.

The Napkin team has built a fully modular software solution that can be deployed and installed in any site-map under any domain-name. The result of this is that Napkin GIS can be deployed at the customer, under their own domain-name. This gives the customer full control over what data the Napkin GIS software package has access to and how it handes that data. This also gives the customer absolute control over all configurations of the software, and with the ability to set any preference you may find suitable.


Napkin GIS being deployable, makes it fully integrable.

Thanks to the fact that Napkin GIS can be deployed into the customers site-map, we are able to offer full integration of Napkin GIS with all your existing systems. The result of this is a software where your entire workflow can be incorporated into Napkin GIS, giving you an unprecedented overview and insight into the entire operation. This integration makes us able to guarantee a level of security and data-integrity that other GIS solutions can only promise. This makes Napkin GIS perfectly suited to data-sensitive or security-sensitive workloads.

Custom fetures

Making Napkin GIS do the job the way you want it.

Thanks to Napkin GIS being built fully modular, we are able to create and install custom-built features and plug-ins that satisfy your workloads particular needs. No job or workload is out of reach of Napkin GIS, and with the right features Napkin GIS can be molded to fit any job in the tool-chain.