NapkinGIS. User-friendly mapping.

NapkinGIS is a Geographical Information System ( GIS ) built to get the job done faster, easier and cheaper. Read more details below to learn more about NapkinGIS.

GIS. What is it?

GIS is a common term used for all geospacial data-processing software. GIS is user in everything from space-travel to logistics. Watch this Ted Talk explaining GIS.

The power of GIS. At your fingertips.

We bring you the power of GIS, fully integrated with all your business systems. We deliver NapkinGIS under your sitemap, with your preferences, offering full integration with all your existing systems and data. This makes NapkinGIS unrivaled in both accessibility, reliability and feature-set. Other GIS solutions can only promise GDPR compliance, NapkinGIS can guarantee it.